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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to unlock weekly loot items in mafia wars

Hi there! I just figured out how to hack and trick to unlock the loot prizes in one easy experiment!
- What do you know about Loot? Loot items are limited edition special items that you can only get from special loot jobs. Each week, there will be two new Loot jobs, one with a 15% chance and another with 8% chance to win the special items.
Just like other items, loot gifts have attack and defense values and can be used by your mafia in fights. The received gifts will be stored in your weapons and stats pages.

So, the trick and hack is:
1. First, observe that the is three different sentences on top of each loot item. You will see these sentences, keep changing, and alternating each other.
2. The three sentences are:

Sentence 1:
Name of the Job( eg: rob armory police)
Sentence 2:
15% chance of Loot
Sentence 3:
This week only. Just 4 days left (for example)

3. So, always wait for the SECOND sentence! and immediately press the 'DO JOB' button when
the words "15% chance of loot" appears on the screen.
4. Next, wait for another "15% chance of loot" sentence to come out. Press the 'Do JOB' button again.
5. Then, I'm sure you can get the locked items! Easy hack!

Important thing: Don't mess up by pressing 'do job' button when other sentences appear.

6. This hack only works once. So, you have to exit the application, wait for few seconds and play again the application, to get second locked loot items using the step in (3). Good luck.

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