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Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Basics of Iphone Mafia Wars version 1.5

Zynga is back and taking the battle for the streets to a new platform… The iPhone!

Hot off the heels of their top games on Facebook such as Mafia Wars, Texas Holdem, and Vampire Wars the Zynga team takes a turn to a new platform for their games they turn to the iPhone. Mafia Wars for the iPhone is the game you know and love from facebook and all the basic features are here, from battles to jobs however this is both a good thing and bad thing.

Home Screen MW

The iPhone is new territory for Zynga and they have done a very good job on their first non poker title for the platform. They gave the iPhone entry its own unique interface rather than coping their online interface, and its very well designed. The top of the screen is neatly laid out to show your stats and other important information, and all the major parts of the game have their larger interface buttons for ease of access.

Jobs are done in typical fashion, save your energy do the job and get rewarded, and yes there are item requirements and mafia size requirements for each job. One saving grace to the jobs is that within the newest version 1.4 they added job mastery to the game..


you work your way through 4 ranks of job mastery for each job and at each level you receive a skill point and at ranks 2 and 4 you receive special loot.

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iPhone Mafia Wars New Job Added!

Help a Fugitive and Raid DEA Warehouse!

Help A Fugitive
Energy: 25
Mafia: 7
Required: 5x Armored SUV 2x Speed Boat 5x Chain Gun
Reward: 28 EXP and 90k

Raid DEA Warehouse
Energy: 30
Mafia: 8
Required: 15x Armored SUV 10x Silenced Pistol 10x Double Guns
Reward: +35 EXP and +95k

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