Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips: Sep 5, 2009

Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips

Adding new mafias? Here the player recruit id list. Tips and reviews on hacking and cheats on mafia wars for iphone, ipod touch, my space and facebook. Members get free tips and more mafias! Get RICH now! Mafia wars rules!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ultimate Guide For Kicking Ass In Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars Facebook Ultimate Guide

Given that Mafia Wars is such a popular Facebook app game, I thought it only made sense to create a Mafia Wars guide. I’ve only recently started playing but I’ve successfully grown my mafia family to over 250 in just a few days. Mafia Wars is a highly addictive Facebook game but it’s also a great place to meet and add Facebook friends too. Everyone I’ve met in Mafia Wars has not only been friendly but supportive and ready to go to war in a moments notice for his/her own Mafia Wars family. Through the help of some Mafia Wars members, I’ve come up with some great Mafia Wars tips on how to play the game:

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iPhone Mafia Wars Id’s

iPhone Mafia Wars Id’s

Grow your mafia by entering in these iPhone Mafia Wars Codes. Make sure to add yours to the right so someone will be able to add you to there mafia! Grow your mafia to get help on fighting and to be able to do jobs. Logged in users will be able to mark who has been added to there mafia so they don’t have to double add.

We have over 1000 mafia wars id’s listed in here, make sure to add yours to the right.

Some members have send their IDs here. If you want your ID to be published, kindly leave your comment on this post. As simple as that! Become a true mafias by adding more friends for free!


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How do you cheat Iphone Zynga Mafia Wars App?

Member tips:

Put all your upgrade points on Energy. At level 50 or so, you have more energy than you need EXP to gain a level. Then you can just level until your finger gets tired. FYI: at level 115 the exp goes from 300 to 500. Not sure when the next jump is. I usually just don't use my upgrade points until I need them. Zynga needs to fix this because it becomes a little stupid to play once you can level as fast as you want.

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Mafia Wars basic strategy to get you on that Top Mafia list!

A lot of the basic strategy in mafia wars depends on how you use Skill Points toward Attack, Defense, Energy, Health, and Stamina. These are the basic strategies depending on how you wish to play the game. These are basic guidelines, and most people will find that they will use a combination of these strategies.


This is the most popular strategy by far and it will allow you to level up faster. Simply put all skill points into energy and then do lots of jobs. Doing jobs with a high experience to energy ratio will speed up the process and allow you to level faster. The best jobs for high experience to energy ratios are as follows:

Street Thug Tier: Auto Theft (1.33 ratio)
Associate Tier: Bank Heist (1.77 ratio)
Soldier Tier: Museum Break-In (1.5 ratio)
Enforcer Tier: Run Illegal Poker Game, Manufacture Tokens, Get Cheating Deck (1.83 ratio)

Note: The Run Illegal Poker Game Job requires 20 Tokens and 20 Cards each time it is done, Therefore this three job cycle is the best ratio on the enforcer tier. The burn down a tenement and federal reserve raids both give a 1.5 ratio without needing Preparatory Jobs.
Hitman Tier: Protect your City against a Rival Family, Assassinate a Political Figure (1.77 Ratio) Note: Both of these jobs have the same experience to energy ratios and do not have to be done together.
Capo Tier: Whack a Rival Crew Leader (1.68 ratio)
Consigliere Tier: Steal an Arms Shipment (1.82 ratio)
Underboss Tier: Order a Hit on a Public Official (1.96 ratio) Note: This job requires an Untraceable Cell Phone each time it is done. The best job without consumable loot is Muscle in on a Triad Operation with a 1.87 ratio.
Boss Tier: Travel to the Old Country (1.978 ratio) Note: this is the last job currently available. Settle a Beef… Permanently has a 1.972 ratio and is the first boss job available.


This strategy will help you win more fights. The basic strategy is to add skill points to attack and defense equally. You will be stronger with 50 points on attack and 50 points on defense than with 75 points on attack and 25 points on defense or vice versa. Since there are other factors in winning fights you will also need to pay attention to things other than skill points. Mafia size is very important, you will need to have 501+ mafia members.

The best items for fighting are the chain gun as a weapon (The bonus weapon is better than the chain gun and is unlocked at level 99), Body Armor for armor, and towncar for vehicles. Those are the best items that can be bought, but there are many loot items that are better. Just remember that the game will automatically pick the best weapons, armor, and vehicles that you have available with a preference for looted items.

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