Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips: Oct 12, 2009

Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips

Adding new mafias? Here the player recruit id list. Tips and reviews on hacking and cheats on mafia wars for iphone, ipod touch, my space and facebook. Members get free tips and more mafias! Get RICH now! Mafia wars rules!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mafia wars level up hack

This is the tips on how to increase your level in ipod or iphone mafia wars the easy way.

In order to quickly increase your mafia experience, you need to make sure to take the heaviest job. Job that rewards you with lot of experience points will help you gain level up easily.

For instace, mug granny job gives you 1 + exp while break knee caps job give you 2+ exp. Normally, jobs that require energy will give you or reward you with lots of experience points.

There is no way to hack this level up boost points. Do it patiently. Do more fights to get extra 2 experience points for each fight, though you win or lose.

Next cheats and hacks to increase level is when you levels up, please add or upgrade your mafia skill points upgrade for Energy Increase. This will help you to do more jobs, thus gain more money and more experience.

good luck on mafia wars cheats this time!

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How to get rich quick in Mafia wars

Here is the tips on getting rich quick in mafia wars on itouch or iphone.

First, to get rich easily, choose to be a Mogul mafia, not a criminal mafia, when you start playing mafia wars.
Don't go ahead buying to much weapons. Buy enough weapons only to fulfill job requirement on each level.

Do a lot of jobs.
Each job will give you money once completed. Do job with less energy, but with most money rewards.

Robs rich Mafias.
When you wanna get a fight or war with another mafia, be really picky. Select mafia with lower level than you if you wanna make sure that you will win. Next, choose the richest mafia, and fight him. You will get lots of money if you win the fight with rich mafias.

Buy Properties and Businesses.
Do not spend too much money on weapons. Buy businesses instead. First, but abandoned lot with plenty amounts. You will receive income $50 per lot. Then, with enough money, buy 'rent house' building. Slowly, you will get a passive income every minutes while you are not playing.

Now, mafia wars version 1.5 has added new business opportunity. Buying businesses are more profitable than buying lands or properties. For instance, buying a Funeral house gives you $1.3 million every 48 hours! Is that great?? Yeah.

Other way, for level below 10, use Godfather points to earn money, and buy properties from that money!

Goodluck Moguls. Get rich now mafias!

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