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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The iphone mafia wars 1.5 Released!

Hi there!

Having enough fun with your iphone? Quite not yet I guess, if you don't have this cool app call Mafia wars from zynga! Zynga recently has updated the 1.5 version of the gameplay and add some new features, such as business and mafias profile view.

The mafia wars 1.5 firmware updates can be obtained from the app store. Some of the new features added are as below:

-You can view your enemy profile in the 'News' column before retailiate a counter fight!

-There is two section of business:

1. Properties - where you buy properties like hotels, casino etc.
2. Business - where you can buy businesses such as butcher shop, family cleaner premises, night clubs and even funeral homes.

The mafia wars 1.5 updates is free with more jobs and loots. Have fun mafias!

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