Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips: Oct 14, 2009

Mafia Wars Cheats, Hacks and Tips

Adding new mafias? Here the player recruit id list. Tips and reviews on hacking and cheats on mafia wars for iphone, ipod touch, my space and facebook. Members get free tips and more mafias! Get RICH now! Mafia wars rules!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mafia Wars Cheats Complete List

Hi Mafia wars fans out there! This is a complete list of hacks, tips and cheats for you mobile itouch and iphone Mafia wars game version 1.5.

Below are the lists of hacks and tricks to quickly become a True MAFIA: Just click on the hyperlinks below to navigate to the page easy way!

1. Know what kind of jobs that will give you lots of money, experience points exp, and can boost your level fast. This is the list of mafia jobs that can help you mafia levels.

2. Learn the basic of new mafia wars game if you are just started. Here are the basics of playing mafia wars for iphone.

3. Heavy and dangerous jobs need more mafia gangs and mobsters! Add more friends as your mafias by recruiting more mafia IDs in the list provided in this blog.

4. This is the ultimate tips and hacks of playing mafia wars. Get more godfather points and token for skill points, level upgrade, extra mobster and cash. Read this tips of hacking godfather points to grow your mafia network.

5. If you are a Mogul, the you are looking to be a tycoon mafia. That's is a MOGUL for. How to get rich quick in mafia wars? Here is the cheats of getting rich and money quick in mafia wars 1.5.

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